About Us

Great American Eyewear is the newest division of The Great American Doll Company which designs, develops, manufactures and distributes the best-selling high-end dolls in history.

Visit: www.greatamericandolls.com for information regarding Great American Eyewear's parent company.


Our Management Team

The company’s esteemed management team’s talent and imagination are legendary – a virtual Who’s Who of the international toy industry. The team includes Co-Founders, Michael and Fredericka Lam, multiple award-winning Italian designer, Bruno Rossellini, as well as a distinguished management team who have steered the parent company for over thirty-five years.


Renowned Award-winning Italian Artist and Sculptor, Bruno Rossellini

  • Bruno Rossellini signed an exclusive long-term design contract with The Great American Doll Company in 1989. In the summer of 2018, Rossellini became Director of Creative Design for Great American Eyewear.
      Company Founders:  Michael and Fredericka Lam
      • Michael and Fredericka Lam, M.Ed are the Founders of The Great American Doll Company (GADCO); Great American Publications; International Collector Services (ICS); and Great American Eyewear (GAECO).
      • In 1985, Michael and Fredericka Lam invented a new category in the doll market: designing and manufacturing realistic, hand-sculpted, artist dolls. In 1986, the team pioneered these new designs into the doll industry.
      • This federally copyrighted artwork makes up the largest library of realistic doll head, arm and leg designs in the world.
      • To help build the Company, the Lams were the first and only entrepreneurs to sign exclusive long-term royalty contracts with international artists. After a short time, these previously unknown sculptors became internationally renowned household names.
          • Together with their management team, they established America's first and only state-of-the-art high-end doll manufacturing plant; a 16,000 square foot facility located in Anaheim, California. Selling prices for dolls manufactured in The Great American Doll Company's factory: $400 to $1600 USD.
          • For decades, the Great American Doll Company sold-out every doll edition it  manufactured and repeatedly broke industry records when doll orders were sold-out months in advance of production.
          • For twenty-five years, from 1980 to 2005, the founders traveled the world, 100,000 miles each year, training factory product development managers, production managers and line staff responsible for GADCO's productions.
          • These first-ever proprietary training programs have remained the industry's most technologically advanced high-end doll development, production & quality assurance programs at GADCO's factories located in France, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, South Korea, Germany, Italy Indonesia, Hong Kong and China.
            • The Great American Doll Company's patented technologies, patented designs, federally registered trademarks and vast library of copyrighted doll art sculptures have revolutionized the way dolls and action figures are designed, developed, manufactured, marketed and sold.

            Background of Co-Founder, Michael R. Lam

            • Michael R. Lam, is the Founder of International Marketing and Sales Company, (IMSCO), the predecessor of GADCO.  Michael built IMSCO from the ground up and created a brand new market for hobbyists.  For the first time, hobbyists learned how to make dolls using IMSCO doll parts.
            • Less than one year after its founding, IMSCO became the world's largest designer, developer, manufacturer and distributor of superior quality doll components.
            • IMSCO began in Michael's garage with a small $5,000 loan from his father. Within sixteen months, with no other investments, IMSCO's sales skyrocketed to over $9.2 million with 90% profit margins. (Neither Microsoft or Oracle accomplished this.)
            • While continuing to grow IMSCO, the Lam's built The Great American Doll Company and created yet another brand new industry when the company was the first to design, manufacture and distribute realistic artist-designed dolls.
              • Within the first year, GADCO's sales and profits far exceeded  IMSCO's spectacular growth.
              • In 1988, "Martina" the Company's realistic artist doll, designed by German artist, Rotraut Schrott, was exhibited for the first time in New York City during the International Toy Fair. At the end of the show, company once again broke industry sales records when it secured $20 million dollars in initial "test- orders" from dealers. By requesting a 25% deposit, the Company totally eliminated the need for outside financing.

              Background: Co-Founder, Fredericka Lam

                • Fredericka D. Lam, M.Ed is a licensed counselor specializing in children. She earned a Master's Degree in Education, magna cum laude and completed this two-year program in nine months.  She is a Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) member and a graduate of the highly selective and prestigious nonpartisan Coro Women's Southern California Leadership Program.
                • Coro is focused on cultivating ethical, diverse and emergent leaders through intense hands-on, collaborative, cross-sectional leadership training programs unlike anything else in the world.

                         Notable Coro Alumni:

                • Hon. Senator Dianne Feinstein
                • William Connelly, Strategic Analyst (retired) The New York Times
                • Hon. Tim Kaine, Senator and Former Governor, Virginia, Vice Presidential Candidate
                • Alex Padilla, California Secretary of State
                • Steve Strauss, Senior Small Business Columnist, USA TODAY
                • Diane McNulty, Former Executive Director of Media Relations, The New York Times
                • Hon. Anna Eshoo, Member of U.S. House of Representatives
                • Hon. Vic Fazio, Former Member of U.S. House of Representatives
                • Hon. Michael Bennet, Member U.S. Senate, Colorado
                • Bruce Corwin, Chairman and CEO, L.A.’s Metropolitan Theaters Corporation
                • Michael Davis, Vice President, J.P Morgan
                • David Friedman, Senior Manager, Deloitte LLP
                • Craig Fuller, Former Assistant for Cabinet Affairs, President Reagan and Former Chief of Staff to Vice President George W. Bush, Former President and CEO, National Association of Chain Drug Stores.
                • Thomas R. McMorrow, Chair, California Policy Practice, Manatt Phelps & Phillips, LLP
                • David Moskovitz, Managing Director, Accenture
                • Jeffrey Plaut, Founding Partner, Global Strategy Group
                • Hon. Jerry Lewis, Former Member, U.S. House of Representatives
                • James Gilson, Vice President and General Counsel, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
                • Bellie Greer, Former President, Southern California Leadership Council
                • Susan Herrera, Former Chief Executive Officer, Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation
                • Bill Jackson, Former President and Founder, GreatSchools.net
                • Jill Nishi, Director, Office of the President and Chief of Staff, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, United States Program
                • John Sage, Chief of Staff to Melinda Gates, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
                • Iris Chen, Executive Director, The Fund for Public Schools, Former President and CEO, I Have a Dream Foundation
                • Beatriz Stotzer, President and Founder New Economics for Women
                • Hon. Carol Liu, Former California State Senator and Former State Assembly member
                • Hon. Holly J. Mitchell, Member, California State Senate
                • Hon. Adrin Nazarian, Member, California State Assembly
                • Dr. Stephanie (Lee-Miller) Myers, Former Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
                • Hon. Debra Bowen, Former Secretary of State, State of California
                • Gene Siskel, Former Film Critic, Siskel & Ebert & the Movies
                • Phil Angelides, Former Treasurer, the State of California
                • Frederick O. Terrell, Vice Chairman of Credit Suisse, Co-Founder of Provender Capital Group, LLC
                • Ben Cannon, Executive Director Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission and Former Member, Oregon House o Representatives
                • Helen Dewar, Former Staff Writer, The Washington Post
                • Robin Kramer, Former Chief of Staff, Mayor of Los Angeles Current Senior Advisor to the Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands
                • Hon. Libby Schaaf, Mayor, City of Oakland, California
                • Hon. Jean Quan, Former Mayor, City of Oakland
                • Hon. Kevin Faulconer, Mayor, City of San Diego, California
                • Hon. Natalia Rudiak, Member, Pittsburgh City Council
                • Hon. Caprice Young, Former President Los Angeles Board of Education
                • Hon. John Greenwood, Former President, Los Angeles Board of Education
                • Linda Gibbs, Former Deputy Mayor, Health and Human Services NYC Office of the Mayor
                • Jeffrey Bleich, Former U.S. Ambassador to Australia
                • Don Gips, Former U.S. Ambassador to South Africa
                • Hon. Heidi Brieger, Judge, Massachusetts Supreme Court
                • Hon. Anna Blackburne-Rigsby, Chief Judge, District of Columbia Court of Appeals
                • Hon. Marvin Baxter, Former Associate Justice, California Supreme Court

                Highlights: The Great American Doll Company

                    • The company’s dolls have been featured in all eight windows of Tiffany & Co. and were sold in The White House Gift Shop during the Reagan Administration.

                        Multiple Award-Winner for Innovations in Design and Quality Manufacturing

                        • Doll Reader's Doll of the Year Award (DOTY): GADCO has Been Awarded Three (3) DOTY Awards and Six (6) DOTY Nominations
                        • Doll's Magazine Dolls of Excellence Award: GADCO has Been Awarded Three (3) Dolls of Excellence Awards and Four (4) Nominations

                        A Partial List of The Great American Doll Company's Notable Customers:

                        • President Ronald Reagan & several other U.S. Presidents
                        • Brian Mulrooney, Former Canadian Prime Minister
                        • Frederick de Klerk, President of South Africa -- de Klerk was the president who freed Nelson Mandela from prison
                        • Danielle Steele, Author
                        • Candice Bergen, Actress
                        • Bob Shaffner, President, The Rolls Royce Foundation
                        • Burt Reynolds, Actor
                        • Demi Moore, Actress
                        • Garry Marshall, Director, Pretty Woman, Happy Days, The Princess Diaries
                        • Whoopi Goldberg, Actress/Comedian/Host of The View
                        • And other international leaders and celebrities who have requested anonymity
                              Media Coverage:  Dolls and books manufactured by The Great American Doll Company and Great American Publications have been featured in numerous media outlets worldwide including:
                              • The New York Times -- Sunday Styles Section
                              • The Washington Post
                              • Reuters News
                              • South China Morning Post
                              • The Times of London
                              • The Miami Herald
                              • The Orange County Register (Front Page Cover Story)
                              • People Magazine
                              • USA Today
                              • Time Magazine
                              • Newsweek
                              • People Magazine
                              • The Orlando Sentinel
                              • Hello! Magazine (U.K.)
                              • The Gulf News (Kuwait)
                              • Los Angeles Daily News
                              • Sports Illustrated
                              • Vogue
                              • And other media outlets featuring GADCO's realistic dolls depicting world renowned international tennis star, Gabriela Sabatini; Princess Diana; Jacqueline Kennedy; Actress Marlene Dietrich; John F. Kennedy, Jr., and more.
                                  The Great American Doll Company Has Been Featured in the Following International Media:
                                  • Good Morning America
                                  • Live with Regis and Kathie Lee
                                  • The Home Show (ABC) 
                                  • BBC Horizon Series: The Highest Bidder
                                  • CNN
                                  • AP Syndicated TV News
                                  • The Late Show with David Letterman
                                  • And more
                                  • GADCO’s one-hour TV selling shows featured on QVC, HSN, and ShopNBC, broke electronic media records when the dolls repeatedly sold-out during the first 16-22 minutes of every one-hour show. (Average selling prices: $400; there are no returns from customers.)
                                  • Numerous GADCO dolls broke electronic media sales records when they repeatedly sold-out in just the first few seconds; during the introductory preview.
                                  • The Great American Doll Company was named, "The Most Influential Company" in the industry, by the leading industry magazine, International Doll World, after the Company repeatedly broke dealer, consumer and electronic media sales records and for the creation of its industry-leading intellectual property assets including valuable trademarked brand-names, utility and design patents, and other best-selling trademarked properties.

                                  The Great American Doll Company and Great American Eyewear continue to create world-class products and patented technologies, which upgrade, enhance and uplift dolls, children's products and luxury patented designer eyewear.